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All You Need To Know (FAQ)

Yes, our vans are hooked up with both water and electricity so we are ready to start cleaning your automobile at a moment’s notice.

We perform mobile car detailing with the use of our fully equipped vans that have everything needed to perform professional mobile car detailing services.

While the cost of the mobile car detailing service seems high, it is actually a fair price when you consider the value. We bring our service to you with our fully equipped van, 2 insured, professional car detailers and go above and beyond with the detailing of your car. We also offer a variety of packages to better suit your needs and budget.

All of the products used by Skyline Auto Detailing are biodegradable so not only is our service great for your car but it is also great for the environment.

Our vans are equipped with all of the equipment necessary to perform both steaming and shampooing. Different vehicles will benefit from one over the other so we are sure to come with both at the ready so your automobile gets the best possible treatment.

Skyline Auto Detailing accepts all payment methods. We accept most credit cards, cash & debit cards.

To perform our mobile car detailing service we need a driveway that is large enough to have both your vehicle and our cleaning van parked side by side so we have sufficient space to do a quality cleaning.
For apartments, we need space equivalent to two stalls to complete our service or a wash-bay that is typically found in all local residential buildings.

Need more information? email us at info@skyline-autodetailing.com


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